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Business Counsel & Planning

You own, operate, and/or control your business.  And, most days, you’re pretty good at it.  You employ any number of people, from a handful to a couple of hundred souls.  Your family, and the families of your employees, largely depends on your ability to maintain and advance your enterprise. You spend a lot of time thinking about your business:  opportunities to pursue, challenges you face, and the “next-next” idea that will keep you competitive, successful, and most of all, fulfilled.

You are the prototype client of James A. Marino, P.C.  With Jim Marino as your “go to” person on issues that only you can appreciate, you’ll get objective and practical advice that only years of experience with many different clients in many different practice areas can offer.

You focus all of your professional efforts and attention on your business: we serve as “outside General Counsel” to assist you with legal element that exists in everything you do, which often includes tax and general business aspects.  With Jim Marino in your corner, you get seasoned counsel to help identify opportunities, pitfalls, and concerns:  contracts, capital structure, banking relationships, employment issues, ownership structure, planning matters, proprietary items/intellectual property, acquisitions, expansions, sales and your exit strategies (yes, some day, you’d like to retire).  As your “Outside General Counsel”, Jim Marino will help you manage these and many other items, and also, identify a the appropriate professionals for matters which require other expertise.

Some common issues overlooked by Business Owners:

1. Contract for your customers and clients.  How do you get paid?  Does your agreements address  confidential information, conflicts or exclusivity, license, and other matters of your business?

2. Confidential items – customers, suppliers, employees, outside contractors.  All may have access to your confidential or proprietary information.  Employees and your business strategies are important resources to protect.

3. Ownership, Structure, and Succession Plan.  “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.”  There’s a tax, estate, and asset protection strategy to your business that must be included in your thought process.

4. Banking Relationships – The banking environment has changed drastically and not all bank documents are “standard”.  The relationship should be revised and modified to achieve the best results.